narasimha konda travel guide

Narasimha konda nellore travel guide.

This pic of entrance.

In nellore city narasimha konda is a hill near the village of jonnawada but it is a Hindu pilgrimage center of narasimha. That's why every visitor going to visit.

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Tourist arrival center in case if you want to stay for days rooms are also available for visitors. 

Narasimha konda is present on the banks of Penna River.

Narasimha konda is also known as dhenchu lakshmi.

Travel guide

In early morning I went narasimha konda already I have a plan to visit narasimha konda that's why I went to narasimha konda this hill place 18km away from nellore city.

Why I visit here just I want to see wind Mills of blades this is also tourist attractive place for visitors near by one temple is there.

Narasimha temple is situated  on konda where pilgrims visit the temple daily.

I saw a windmills of blades a windmill structure that converts the energy of wind into rotational energy mostly useful for pump water,

There is two windmills are there.

Me and my friends started on our bike at early morning road was narrow but road wasn't much of traffic with in 20minutes we reached to narasimha konda.

Be careful when driving on this road.

While coming down from hill to the slope I switched off my bike engine while I had to apply the breaks at that time feeling like a great fun.

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