What are the requirements ongoing LIVE?

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Age 16 or older
Users below the age of 16 will not be granted permission to go LIVE

MY experience experience

Like app is a very popular app in play store this app everyone useing this platform to show your own talent everyone have a good talent just find out what you have is any talent is there then go for like app platform.

Now my level 32 I am waiting for level 35

 Level 35 or higher
When your LIKE account reaches level 35, our staffs will review your account and process your LIVE permission application.

 Create HQ original videos
Continue to produce high quality and original videos on LIKE, please note that your LIVE permission application might be rejected if your account contains too many videos that are not your original creation.

Note: Users within the LIKE community must abide by our guidelines, user accounts that violates our rule might risk being banned. For more details, please read the: "LIKE Community Guidelines"

I've reached level 35, but I still couldn't go LIVE. How come?
Reasons may include:

 Our staffs are reviewing your account and processing your LIVE permission application, the result will be sent to you within 1-3 days. Please wait patiently.

 You have not reached the minimum age of 16

 Your account may contain too many videos that are not your original creations. Please continue to produce more original videos to earn a chance to go LIVE.

I've been granted LIVE permission. Hoto wto  to do I go to LIVE?
To go LIVE, please:

 Tap on the record button at the bottom of LIKE's main page and tap LIVE
 To go LIVE now: Tap here

A LIKE Community Guidelines

      This document, formulated in accordance with the LIKE Community Guidelines, is to strengthen the management and regulation on short videos and LIVE broadcast content, providing LIKE users with a healthy and harmonious platform to display and appreciate talents.

      Definition of incompliant content: all short video/LIVE broadcast contents and comments should be strictly in compliance with provisions of the LIKE Community Guidelines, and certain rules shall be referred to as appropriate. Please see the LIKE Community Guidelines for further information.

Videos and LIVE broadcasts containing the following contents are strictly prohibited from being uploaded:

1. Any speech against the country, the government, irreligious speech, or acts which insult or slander the government, the country or religions, for example:

Endangering the national security, divulging national secrecy, threatening to overturn state power, or undermining national unity;

Inciting national hatred, ethnic discrimination, or undermining national unity;

Spreading violence, terrorism or abet crimes;

Inciting illegal assembly or formation gathering to disturb social order;

Undermining national religious policy or advocating heresy and feudalistic superstition.

2. Videos containing contents of sexual behavior performance or pornographic content are prohibited from spreading and playing.

3. Any behaviors that expose private parts are prohibited, such as showing female’s breast, male or female’s buttocks, inner thigh or reproductive organs, wearing transparent clothes, or female not wearing underpants.

4. It is prohibited to spread or play gambling-related content. Behaviors such as broadcasting gambling or inciting others to gamble are not allowed.

5. It is prohibited to expose others’ privacy, pose threat to others’ safety, imperil public interests, injure or kill others, mistreat animals, display bloody or violent behaviors, demonstrate guns or dress up like a terrorist.

6. Spreading drugs is prohibited. It is not allowed to demonstrate drug samples, perform drug taking, spread drug use or injection methods, or introduce ways to make drugs.

7. It is prohibited to damage the interest of the official platform, including behaviors like promoting competitive products, viciously soliciting and publishing fake ads.

8. A Knives or simulated knives that may harm life and health are prohibited from being used in videos. It is prohibited to perform extremely dangerous shows.

9. It is prohibited to infringe others’ legal rights, such as:

Exposing others’ privacy, including names, addresses, pho, , , numbers, and other private information;

Pirating or recording any unauthorized contents, including videos containing ads, watermarks or names of other competitive software products;

Videos and LIVE broadcasts containing the following contents might result in video removal or certain penalties, including but not limited to:

1. Short videos/LIVE broadcasts with a pure-colored cover or dim cover.

2. Uploading videos that are too short (less than 5 seconds).

3. LIVE broadcasts that are too short. The recommended LIVE duration is 30+ minutes per session.

4. Videos/LIVE broadcasts without any quality contents, such as static pictures, vague pictures, dim light or randomly taken videos.

5. Any content that may make viewers uncomfortable, such as vulgar, horrific and terrifying videos.

Definition of incompliant video/LIVE broadcast themes and comments, including but not limited to:

1. Inciting behaviors that may disturb social order, including regional assault, relig, , , s abuse and personal insult.

2. Any political topics that may cause or have caused bad influence.

3. Comments containing promotional commercial ads.

Users conducting the behaviors above shall be prohibited from using certain functions and interacting with others. As to users with severe violations or breaking the rules repeatedly, their accounts might be permanently banned and they will no longer be able to use LIKE.

LIKE reserves the final right of interpretation of this document, and LIKE has the right to change and publish this document.

This document shall come into force as of the date of promulgation.


  1. Mera live open nhi ho rha h kyu

    1. Apka level 35 reach hona he uske badh live open hoga........

    2. Mera live open nahi ho rahi pleas open my live

  2. Kitna followers he????
    Apka followers 1000 after live open hoga

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  4. Sir Mera live nahi aata hai please problems solved and me help

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  14. Mera live chalu kar diya jaaye bahut hi problem ho rahi hai live nahin chalta hai

  15. Hello sir meri like account community guidelines

    Hello sir meri like account and live banned ho gai hai use fir se chalu kar dijiye please open my live sir