Tawakkal masthan dargah in Banglore city

Tawakkal mastan dargah in Banglore city

This dargah was situated nearby majestic Bustand this dargah very famous for Banglore city.that's why I want to share information about dargah.

My special experience when I visit here my feeling like an awesome why because this place inside the dargah something power is there.

A sin committed does not harm an individual so much as looking down upon one's own fellow human beings.

Have a small history of the 18th century.

Everybody knows that this dargah overall world but this dargah sharif particularly during the month of Ramadan and also annual urus (death anniversary) mostly in Moharram month Sufis celebrating urus.

Everyone believing that why because who are suffering health problems etc.. Are known to religious pray inside the dargah that's why everyone going to visit here.

This dargah was established 350years ago.

Bangalore people come here and worship.


5 AM to 11 pm


On Friday people come for Jumma namaz in afternoon time after namaz an interesting tradition is on.

Three main festivals of the dargah 

1.urus (death anniversary)

2.karega festival

3.festival special in Moharram month.

25000 people participated in three festival.

This is also a tourist place in Banglore city.


Akkipete Main Road, O.T.C. Road Chickpete, Upparpete, Cottonpete, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560053.

How to Reach tawakkal masthan dargah

There are many bus services operated by the Government from every nook and corner of tawakal dargah to the Banglore Central Bus Station. This Dargah is located at a small distance of 2 km from the majestic bus stop and many buses and cabs are travelling from various part of the state to Dragah.

Tips For Visiting tawakkal dargah

1. Modest clothing would be apt for this place of worship, but no rigid guidelines are followed.
2. Keep your belongings safe while travelling here, as lots of news regarding chain snatching and loots are reported by the travellers.
3. Do not carry expensive jewellery or gadgets while visiting the Dargah.

Best Time To Visit tawakkal dargah

The best time to visit tawakkal Nathan dargah is from Ramadan month and also November moharram month. It is the time when the famous Urs Fair is organized. The Dargah is adorned spectacularly during this time and hence is a visual treat for the visitors.


Don't put your money inside the any box of dargah.
Just do sadka for poor people in front of your eyes.

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