Ice apple summer season travel guide

Ice apple summer season in Indian country

At right season time which fruit is best in summer season just like a question but everybody have a answers like a different names of fruit but in this article I want to share about Palm fruit why because have a season reason.

When I visit one part of village at summer time everybody loves Palm fruit.

In Telugu language they are calling THATIKAI.

In hindi language they are calling THADPHAL.

In English language they are calling PALM BORASSUS FLABELLIFER.


BORASSUS FLABELLIFER are commonly known as toddy Palm is a native tree in Indian subcontinent mostly South East Asia.

Palm fruit very famous in summer season everybody loves to eat.

Mostly Palm bears like a coconut fruit.

Palm bears also called as MUNJAL.

MUNJAL is the local language in Indian Country.

This fruit with a mild and subtle flavour is translucent and comes loaded with few nutrients. They will remove heat strokes in during summer seasons but MUNJAL contains as a sugar, protein, carbohydrates, amino acid, vitamin c, B1, B2, B3, B6, iron, zinc, potassium, magnesium. This are all helps to eye sight and also heat stroke and also cancer causing agents.

They gives good result in summer season.

Last day I went to one part of village in summer season but I love this village by birth why because here every fruits  fresh vegetables everything is good and also decent cultural activity. That's why I love this village duvvuru village in nellore district. 524306.

Every summer season I want to eat Palm fruit toddy Palm fruit other name also called as Palmyra Palm like a ice apple in British language.

Are you visiting in summer season in nellore city then go for visit part of villages to taste (THADPHAL MUNJAL thatikaya Palm fruit).

If your are traveller this is best for you in summer season.

World gives whole but traveller role whole character of role is it true may be yes.

But my experience in summer season it's very good for me I enjoyed a lot with friends when I visited at right time.

Different types of names as a

Wine Palm

Ice apple




Sugar Palm

Palmyra Palm

Tala Palm

Doub Palm


Toddy Palm

But this is the native to the Indian subcontinent and also South East Asia, including Nepal, Bangladesh, sri Lanka, Cambodia, Laos, Burma, thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines.

My travel journey is awesome in few hours near by nellore city small part town with my special friends.its free of cost to tasted That's why I am giving advice in summer season if you visit in Indian Country then go for taste ice apple. In India, one of the best fruits you will find on every street corner during summer season  is the ice apple. For many, this special  juicy fruit is known as Thaati Nungu in Kannada, Nungu in Tamil and Thaati Munjalu andhra MUNJAL  in Telugu. This delicious fruit is a translucent jelly and due to its cooling effect,it reduce the sun stroke from ice apple it is known as ice apple.

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