Why Google Adsense account disapproved

what's the reason of Google Adsense account disapproved 2019

Why Adsense account disapproved 2019

what's the reason of Google Adsense account disapproved 2019

Nowadays every blogger youtube using Google Adsense but some time Adsense account will be disapproved that's why I am sharing in this article.

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Website Designing

Most important website Designing for a website many people applied to Google Adsense without website design if website design does not have good look doesn't apply for Google Adsense. If you applied Google Adsense without best design sure you can't get Adsense approval. So I suggest you customize perfect like a good looking good navigation menu bar and sidebars after visitors will be attractive for your site.

Important pages


About us

Privacy policy

Contact us

These pages are more important for approval.

Before applying Google Adsense you make a design of your site.

Not have enough unique post

Google Adsense will be disapproved not have enough unique post on your site it means do not use copyright post if its copyright content sure you will be get disapproved. So I suggest you be to create a unique post if you are a beginner at least 20unique post publish after you can apply Adsense.


The domain is the main role of concept for blogging but you have to choose top level domain why because of Google Adsense will be approval fast with top-level Domain as a 





But if you don't have a budget for top-level domain sure you can go for cheap price domain as a 


.xyz domain also get approved.

Not have organic traffic

If your website does not have organic traffic you will be get disapproved.

I suggest you get real traffic of your site to be shared on social platforms as a 

Facebook page









If you share an entire social platform sure you can get real traffic for your site.

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