Pakala beach singarayakonda


Pakala is the first beach that can be approached from the town of singarayakonda in Ongole city. Though it is difficult to find individual accommodation here, no popular hotels, no restaurants, nearby pakala beach.

Pakala beach is prominent delightful shorelines.

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This beach not good to swim because of dirty water ocean conditions.

This beach famous for singarayakonda people in holiday time every one going to visit.

This is one of the most important beaches in pakala village.

Pakala beach with its unique peaceful atmosphere gave me a perfect place to relax on this journey of pakal.

This beach is a good option for those traveling with their families friends couples. A good environment will make you fall in love the nature of the beach makes it's one of the best beaches in singarayakonda.

The beach is crowded with local pakala village people or singarayakonda people and tourists alike on most days.

This beach nearby no accommodation.

The pakala beach distance from singarayakonda just like a 13-15km away.

Local buses are available to reach the destination of the beach from singarayakonda.

Pakala beach is a fun place people come to this place to relax, soak in the sun. Apart from practicing your hand at photography selfies make sure to visit pakala beach.

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