Kambalposh dargah banglore

Visiting the place in Banglore city from Karnataka state

City - Banglore

Road - Broadway

State - Karnataka

Language - Kannada, Konkani, Tulu,Telugu, English, Kodava, Hindi, Marwari,etc....

Std code - 080

Country - India

Traditional - Indian style

Local language - Kannada

Area - Shivaji Nagar ( sulthangunta).

Pin code - 560051

Postal - H.k.p road

About kambalposh dargah

This dargah very famous in Banglore city this darah located at sulthangunta Shivaji Nagar broadway road it belongs to Banglore division.

They are 3 dargah available as a

Chadar wale dargah

Kambalposh dargah

Kambalposh is the name of human he came from Oman country his father of hazarath Hussain Shah Qadri he went to India from Oman during the days of Mughal emperor Akbar.

A Baba Kambalposh R.A. Dargah Sharif is situated in banglore city.
Urus (zurus) (scandal) of Hazrat Baba Kambalposh R.A. is a very famous festival which is celebrated annually.
In Urus zurus sandal peoples all over Maharashtra Karnataka andhra Telangana states people gathered to celebrate this city festival which includes various programs like Mahefil-e-Qawwali, qawwali is like a cultural program activity Bhajan program etc.
Various social activities like Blood donation camp, free health check-up by expert doctor with free medicine etc are also conducted by trust.

Yellow dargahdargah khadar Hussain 

In this dargas do not allowed women only allowed men

Local guide Saleem 
he's name is saleem he is local guide when we visit here kambalposh dargah they explaining about kambalposh dargah at that time we got full on information and also feeling awesome because have a great place this place full fill with Pigeons so many Pigeons are here attracting for visitors.
1.white dargah
2.green dargah
3.yellow dargah

This 3 colourful dargah att isractive for visitors.

Why kambalposh

Hazarath sayyed filhal Shah Qadri had presented a woolen showl kambal he's the grandfather of hazarath Sayyed shareefuddin Shah Qadri same showl he wrapped his body same like that he was called with kambalposh.

I got information about kambalposh dargah in Banglore.

How to reach the kambalposh dargah by road

In the entire city, buses are available as a city bus to the destination of kambalposh dargah.

Are also to reach the destination of kambalposh dargah like a speed go by taxi.



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Queens Road


Bamboo bazaar

Hk degree college

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