cubbon park In banglore city

 cubbon park In Bangalore city

Opening Times of Cubbon Park

Cubbon Park is a public park in Bangalore city this park very famous in Karnataka state this park associated with Government organizations and also clubs. 

park timings 5:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m.

lal Bagh park in Bangalore city

Events of Cubbon Park

events are conducted in Cubbon park area like a regular show are conducted at the Dancing Musical Fountain, LRDE. Two shows are conducted on every day from 7.00 p.m. to 7.30 p.m. and 8.00 p.m. to 8.30 p.m. Cubbon park will be closed on every Monday and Second Tuesday of the month.

Cubbon Park BANGLORE

Location:Near Gandhi Nagar
Main Attraction:Beautifully landscaped park
Area:Over 250 Acres
Closed to Traffic:5 AM to 8 AM all days

info about Cubbon Park

Timings: 5:00 AM – 6:00 PM. 
Closed on Monday and also 2nd Tuesday of Every Month
Visit Duration: 1 -2 hours
Best Time to Visit: September – February

Languages: Telugu,Hindi,English,Kannada,

Location: Near MG Road

To Attract for visitors inside the Cubbon Park, Bengaluru

  • Attara Kacheri
  • The State of Archeological Museum
  • Iyer hall (Central Library)
  • Indira Priyadarshini Children’s library
  • Jawahar Bal Bhavan
  • The Aquarium (The second largest Aquarium in India)
  • Press Club
  • Tennis Pavilion
  • The Cheshire Dyer Memorial Hall
  • Yuvanika — the State Youth Centre
  • The YMCA
  • Century Club
  • The Ottawa Chatter

lal Bagh park in Bangalore city

inside the park Statues attractive for visitors

Many memorials are attractive to visitors
  • Queen Victoria
  • Major General Sir Mark Cubbon
  • Rajya Dhurandhara
  • Sir K. Sheshadri Iyer statue
  • Chamarajendra Wodeyar

Nearby Attractions of Cubbon Park

  • Visvesvaraya Industrial & Technological Museum
  • Department of Archaeology and Museums
  • Sri Dharmaraya Swamy Temple
  • Bangalore Fort
  • Kote Anjaneya Swami Temple
  • Lalbagh Botanical Garden
  • Glass House Lalbagh
  • Masjid e Atheeq

Nearby Restaurants of Cubbon Park

  • ITC Gardenia, Bengaluru
  • Konark Vegetarian Restaurant
  • Konark Restaurant
  • The Cubbon Pavilion
  • Hard Rock Cafe
  • Rasovara
  • MTR – Lalbagh Road
  • 20 Feet High Restaurant

this park is the perfect location for couples in the early morning by walks, to provides a very beautiful landscape for all nature-lovers.

Location of Cubbon park and how to reach the destination of Cubbon Park

this beautiful park is located at the central administrative area of the city of Bangalore, nearby Gandhinagar, Hudson Circle, MG Road, and Ambedhkar street.This city well connected with other metro cities of India through rail and air. Many national flights come directly to the city of Bangalore.

Cubbon Park

cubbon park is also known as Sri. Chamarajendra Park, it is a historic park in Bangalore city this park is located at Central Administrative Area.

  • Is photography allowed in Cubbon Park?

  •  the Horticulture Department has banned photography inside The Cubbon Park. People are not allowed to take pics,but what is famous inside the Cubbon Park for visitors like Photography, Experience Seekers,by walking, Landscape.

Is food allowed inside Cubbon Park? 

food stall available inside the Cubbon Park where you can enjoy a hot meal. This place famous for couples families and also picnic.

Pets are allowed inside the Cubbon Park.

Please note that: Lalbagh park has banned the entry of pet dogs.

  • Entrance Fee: free of cost to enter the park.

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Best Time to VisitCubbonn park inBangalorere city

from October to March is preferred by visitors outside the city, because have such as better landscape, climate, the awsome blossoming of several variable species and its flowers, etc...

Inside the park statue of King Edward 7.

king edward vll 

king edward was the longest serving heir apparent in history who came king only at the age of fifty-nine. he was a flamboyant but popular prince whose controversial life style resulted in a strained relationship with is parents. queen victoria and prince albert. despite a rigorous education. he was allotted no serious political duties till the ascended the throne following queen victoria's death in 1901. he was largerly assigned to diplomatic tours. including a successful visit to india in 1875. edward's short lived career as the constitutional monarch of england and emperor of india however. proved him to be an able administrator and astute diplomat. the edwardian era named after his ten year reign witnessed wide ranging changes in society. trade unions. socialism and women's representation in politics gained in strength while the navy. military and england's foregin affairs underwent a reorganisation. his statue stands admist a cluster of pink cassia javanica flowers that bloom here in april-may.

 Very low-cost juice inside the park as a juice of mango &grape.

each juice cost 10rupee.

 Cubbon Park have a 7 entrance gates. free of cost to enter the cubbon park.

fish aqurium 

entrence cost : 10 rupees. for each person.

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