How To Start Selling Website on Flippa: A Beginner’s Guide To Success 2019

Is an online platform this is a marketplace for selling & buying websites, 


Who like to develop websites.

Who loves to create websites.

Those are suitable for selling & buying in an online market platform.


If users have great skills as a depth knowledge to make a website on the WordPress platform.

Time required 

To create a website just be the time required everything depends on the expertise of the developer.


. if you have a passion with one topic or any related topics just be a focus on your own passions.

. go for long - term journey not for short term.

. be business model

How do your competitors to make money is it possible?

Yes possible 

Does the website make money?


> choose a domain name related to your topics to get readers everybody don't know a good domain name is an important role branding of your blog.

> available as a






> be sure .com as your domain be choose reliable paid host as a host gator,  Bluehost.

> website design look is a most important role for visitors.

How to monetize?

1. Go for register your website on 

2. To set the bid price of your website on after registration

3. If your blog website is earning 500$ - 1000$ per month then you can set bid price of your site 

4. At least 7500$ to set the bid price of your blog websites

5. After people will start bidding for purchasing your blog website if you receive the bid at that time if you satisfy then deal with the bidder.

6. will manage all the payment and other technical stuff for you-you will receive your own bid commission of your website via your selected payment method.


As a beginners guide to get success on flippa platform

Flippa is a website to flipping websites in this flippa site everyone selling & buying websites.

Beginners to selling websites

1. Go for sign up with an valid email id 

2. Fill the correct information on flippa form as a real profile pic its the first impression for buyers.

3. Be verified your account via email.

4. Website description is a main important role for buyers.

5. Website introduction and also seller introduction everything is need of your blog.

6. Set a correct reasonable price for buyers to make an attractive for buyers.

7. Do reply for buyers at right time buyers get information from your side.

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