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Could not retrieve data from URL 

could not retrieve data from URL
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Website URL blocked by Facebook but how to Unblock?

How to unblock link on Facebook on entire facebook?

How to get unblocked on facebook post linked?

That's why I am here in this article I want to share information about spam links could not retire on the facebook page in entire Facebook.

How to solve at right time is it possible to unblock links on facebook.

Mostly for bloggers this article

Every blogger thinking like speed to spread worldwide as a link shared but sometimes will happen in entire facebook links blocked at that time every blogger get disappointed.

Tips suggestion

I suggested to every blogger do not share your links on others timeline wall.

Simply way to solve unblocked links

I am giving the link here contact form

you go for the link after filling the box and submit.

You can type this type of message

👉🏻Hellow Facebook team!
I am glad to know that your team takes action against Spam, Malware,
Recently I have seen that my link: ( in your website link) has blocked I don't go against your security please unblock my blog website thank you Facebook team!

After within 24hrs your links will be unblocked on entire Facebook.



 It will happen when the post is deleted by Facebook or the source. If URL is broken then it will show error on facebook no results as a negativity.