Being a full time blogger 2019

How to become a full-time blogger 2019

I have interested to teach others who are become a full-time blogger if you want to start a blog and become a full-time blogger just you need a knowledge of how to become a full-time blogger that's why I am here in this article to share information about how to become a full-time blogger.


To start the blog of your brand name.

To create content as an intentionally.

To grow your email list.

To create a monetization strategy.

To make implement of strategy.

How to start a blog

How to design

How to monetize of your blog site

Everything I will give you information from my side if you want to connect me then joins here in my group.

Steps for blogging

Time schedule is a main important role for blogging field just you need to do before you can start your blog.

Be decide which topics before you can start your blog.

First, to start with part-time blogger day by an increase after you can move full-time blogger first I want to share here which niches for making money in blogging field.



To make money




Personal development



Home decors












Everything depends on your own interested topics before you start.

Be choose a blog name

The blog name is an important role for bloggers try to have your blog name as a



So it looks like a professional be to consider using your personal name as a mine

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Which attitude is a main important role for bloggers 

Straight forward


Yeah, sure straightforward way is a main important role for every blogger.

It's better to be like a simple straightforward than it is to be cute and clever.

Be set goals of your blog

First-year income

Second-year income.

Third-year income

To create a time schedule

To create a blogging schedule if you want to become a full-time blogger just you have to create a plan to do it.

Where you consistently work on your blog as a business be do hard work to reach the destination of your goal.

You can start your own blog as a low investment after you can grow of your blog.

Be subscribe notification in my blog site why because you will get a notification about technology, blogging, motivation, visit the place, benefits,

Be design your blog

You have to design of your blog so many ways to design of your blog I will guide how to design for blogs but don't get too hung up on designing of your site be design perfect way of your blog in the inner blog you need to setup attention to things like a sidebar,
Menu bar,
Facebook page,
Social media icons,

Be use paid themes

Be use original images not from Google images if you don't have images then go for

sites here in this sites you will get images than after you can use in your blog site.

Here paid sites I use stock photos

Deposit pics

I stock pics

Haute pics

Do not use stock pics but if you are a fashion blogger you need photography is a very important role for fashion bloggers you have to take pics from your camera capture.

Be set up social media accounts

If you are a blogger you must need social media to account for full-time bloggers as a

Facebook page





I suggest you if you are a blogger if you have YouTube channel also to will get more traffic because I have experience in this field still I don't have YouTube channel yeah sure I will make YouTube channel it will be coming soon.

Be update the daily base you need to publish content if you are a blogger then after you will become a full-time blogger because miracle will happen.

To create the content perfect way

If you create content for readers as a perfect style you will get more traffic from your blog because of unique content will be reached on the top page of Google search engine while users to find a related topic.

Here the list of way to drive traffic of your site






Guest posting

Facebook advertising

Google ads

Social media



If you know about my traffic strategy I get a ton of time Pinterest strategy I get traffic from interest so I suggest you be utilised social media platforms be helpful for public readers to be love for readers give important information for readers traffic is a main important role for every blogger.

To create a monetization strategy

How to monetize your list this is an important role for every blogger.

How to make money from blogging

To display adds

To make affiliate marketing

To sell digital products

To get sponsorship

To do with freelance writing

To make virtual assistant work

To teach your mini bloggers

To get subscription

Those are you can make money online as a blogger.

Affiliate marketing platform

Click bank

Cj affiliate

Flex offers

They are many ways to become an affiliate marketing for products mostly nowadays affiliate marketing is one the best method for bloggers.

Implement advanced strategies

If you reach per month 5$-10$ then after you need to implement more advanced strategies with include

Advanced email marketing

Advanced traffic strategies

Advanced monetizing

Influencer marketing

Paid traffic ( Google and Facebook)

My final conclusion for readers of bloggers

If you want to become a full-time blogger just be a focus on your passion not for money because money is like a bitch in this world if you follow for money way you can't reach the goal if you follow on your own passion money will allow you just full on hungry for success to reach the destination.

Thanks for sharing information for new bloggers as an online content marketer business.

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