Duvvuru noor masjid Sunni vs thablic 20/10/2018

Sunni vs thablic

When I visit here I got some information about islam.

Islam is not a one part of religion islam is like a four-part of religion in this world when I am here at that time I was realized in this duvvuru village Sangam Mandal Nellore district duvvuru village  have a one beautyful  masjid this masjid name is like a noor masjid have a small part of musalman area have a one masjid but two teams are there in this beautiful village this team names like a Sunni
But 20/10/2018
Have a great incident faced in this village everybody knows that musalman goes for masjid but in this masjid some musalman people do not allowed why because in this village humanity is off 
Teams is on
That's it 
dnt be like a muslim be like a musalman why because muslim se be behtrin wala lafzz musalman 
dnt be like a Sunni thablic ahlehadis etc....... be like a unity title of musalman in these beautyful world result will be soon in front of human of eyes........

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